P2P, is it the solution?

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Should we add P2P as a download option?

What's p2p?
No. I don't want to install anything just to download.
Yes. I'm sick of waiting for rapidshare to give me a download slot!
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P2P, is it the solution?

Postby TPOWIS Admin » Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:16 am

As you know, here at the TPOWIS boards we have a lot of content spread through numerous file hosting solutions. Rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire to name a few. These services are constantly changing their terms of service and rules. Rapidshare in particular has gone from very user friendly, to downright annoying. The question is, what is there to do about it? There are two major solutions in the realm of Peer 2 Peer networking. Lets break them down:

Edonkey2000 (ED2K) / eMule / Kademelia
+ Easy to install program.
+ Easy to share links by posting them directly to the forum.
- Generally slow due to no real reward system for uploads.
- Impossible to control.

+ Can have rewards for uploaders.
+ Can be controlled.
- I don't have a clue how to integrate a tracker into the site.
- Using an outside tracker could be a problem if they ever get shut down for other reasons.

An overall advantage of using a P2P system would be no more waiting to click a download link for new shares. But the download speed would likely be slower (especially for new files). We could implement eMule into the existing video shares section right away. We could just add ED2K links to older posts with rapidshares. We would have one important rule. All files shared here must have TPOWIS.NET in the file name to ensure some level of binding search parameters. Already there are a large number of files on the network using this system.

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Re: P2P, is it the solution?

Postby Lycrafan2004 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 5:08 pm

My thoughts about this:

Rapidshare and Co:
+ Fast (even if the server is slow, a 500 Mb file is downloaded in a few hours with resetting the Router and in parted archives)
+/- Reliable (only in the first days after the file was uploaded. The more time lapses the higher the risk that the file is being deleted because of no download)
- Depending on the Hoster you have to try several times and wait for a free slot. When you pay you will be the King/ Queen to download.

Edonkey/ Emule (i used it very often in the old TPOWIS-days when many Links were posted in the old Forum, my PC was running 24/7 and i downloaded many files)
-/+ Slow, Slower than RS (you have to wait that the User who offered the file comes online), but faster than Torrent.
+ Independent of any Platform, even for MAC and Linux-OS.
- You have to install a local tool
+ Works like a Download-Manager, you can stop downloading whenever you want and restart it.

Torrent (i have used it several times with a tool that was able to download Edonkey and Torrent at once)
- Really Slow if there are only a few Seeders and Peers. Torrent is good if there are alot of Seeders and Peers, than it is really fast. But Lycra- and Lycrafetish- files are a niche-product in the fetish- and erotic-business. There are a few specialist pages like 4cathrin or Fets. But mostly it is combined with other fetishes like BDSM. And so there are not many Seeders and Peers for a complete Siterip of Fets. Lets face it!
+ Fast if there are many Seeders and Peers.

Specialized Solutions like Virtual Hard Drive and others: will not get through because only for Windows (you have to install a local tool) or not so much users.

I for myself think, that it is better that you share files directly here and visible and downloadable for everyone. So you have the direct feedback (by the reply) and the members will recognize that it is worth to post files. And the uploader can see how accepted the file is by the click numbers. In best case the viewers and downloaders upload their files and reply by posting a link. But that is the sore point. There is not always a best case!
When you share files offline at another platform (zipped and packed to a 500Gb file) it is easier to stay behind, to hide yourself and not to reply.
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