Attachment function temporarily disabled.

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Attachment function temporarily disabled.

Postby TPOWIS Admin » Sat May 04, 2013 5:03 pm

Due to problems with the forum software, attachments had to be disabled for the time being.

Don't panic! All the attachments are still here, they are just invisible for the time being. I am working on a solution to the problem, but right now the best option will be to get things back in working order with the existing attachments restored (but without the ability to add additional attachments) and then add a new attachment system to the forum. The problem stems from PHPbb's rather poor idea of storing ALL the attachments in a single folder on the server. At this point, the folder has grown so large that it cannot even be viewed by normal FTP programs. For now use 3rd party image hosts to share files.
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Re: Attachment function temporarily disabled.

Postby davislove » Mon May 06, 2013 8:54 am

-i hope that you can find a solution because in my case i tend to post 'the best pics' in attachment form [my hosted tend to be 'extras' or additional pics and or smaller]......
i think attachments are 'permanent'--- hosted pics can 'disappear' in the future since they are dependent on the hosting service; should their site be off-line temporarily or permanently those pics cant be viewed until the hosting site comes back online......

-i knew something was wrong when i first alerted the forum and posted the attachment problem (to those who post them) taking an hour++ to get 20 attachments posted and on friday more of the same PLUS :arrow: i started to notice the freeze-up of pages as well as not being able to load the entire web page full of pics affecting every member.......

-i wonder if this is the same issue from a couple of years back that we 'bandaged over pretty good' that at some point needed a major fix and we just have postponed 'the inevitable'?

-i assume when you do find a solution you can still add attachments to a post; it may not be possible to add further attachments (via edit) like i like to do as on the catsuit section?......

:idea: probably to early to ask these questions at this time; until we have a solution. thank you

Killatron wrote: At this point, the folder has grown so large that it cannot even be viewed by normal FTP programs. For now use 3rd party image hosts to share files.

:arrow: i wonder whats the size of the folder? and i thought IBM/Cray made/had 'super computers' with tera bytes of storage main frames? up to the task :D HP came out with a 800 TB(terabyte )mainframe recently...i doubt the size of that file even approaches 10 TB
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