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(DivX 5.02)
From Virtua Fighter 4 on the PlayStation 2, once again, Sarah Bryant and Vanessa Lewis. This time Sarah in purple and Vanessa in gold. Closeups, brutal, and sexy.

1m13s Excellent Skips slightly 10.4MB

- Anime Clips -
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(Windows Media)

Nearly immune to physical harm, Caitlyn Fairchild suits up and gets attacked. This clips comes from the not quite released made for video movie Gen 13. The quality isnt the best. 3m53s Fair 12.8MB
art.honey_1.mpg Clips from the short OAV "Cutey Honey". Here we have Honey chan's sexy (and nearly indestructable) bod taking serious abuse at the "thoughts" of a psychic villianess. 0m57s Good 9.4MB


Windows Media

First fight scene between A-ko (redhead) and Liza (blonde). Both women possess nearly infinite strength and fight to have the daughter of a wealthy company. Liza wears form fitting top, and pink leggings. (dubbed) 4m26s Good 16.6MB

- Videogame Clips -
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From the PlayStation 2 port of Tekken 4. Over 2 minutes of Nina Williams (Tekken's resident hottie thats a major fan of attire that is both tight and shiny, pictured in thumbnail) taking on a few of Tekken 4's combatants. It ends with a battle with Christie who's seen in some metallic pants. 2m29s Excellent 18.1MB

game-virtuafighter1_1.wmv (Windows-Media)
game-virtuafighter1_1.mpg (MPEG-1_Stream)

Clips from the fighting game Virtua Fighter 4 on PlayStation 2. Sarah (pictured in thumbnail) takes on Vanessa. Both in virtual spandex/stretch leather. Brutal and sexy. MPEG version is about same quality, but more compatible with pause / rewind. 1m00s Good




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