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Saved by the Bell - Rockumentary
H.264 MPEG4

Clip from Saved by the Bell

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

Length: 0m47s Resolution: 480p Size: 12MB

- Clips from Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter -
Description & Link Preview
Windows Media 9
Shift+left click to Save. Streaming may result in dropped frames

Clips from the Wonder Woman episode titled "Light Fingered Lady". Suting up in the wonder wetsut again, she dives off a boat. Later, there are a few scenes in the clip with her sneaking around in her traditional costume as well.

2m42s 640x480 32MB

wonder wetsuit.wmv
Windows Media

"Digitally Remastered" classic clip from the site. The first time in the live action series we see the lovely Lynda Carter dawn the wonder wetsuit! Clip from "Bermuda Triangle Crisis"

2m35s 640x480 16.1MB


QuickTime Video

A nice slow motion shot of Lynda Carter running in her basic Wonder Woman costume. Video is QuickTime format.

0m07s 1.7MB


Wonder Woman again in her wonder wetsuit..

0m07s 1.7MB

- Clips from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century starring Erin Gray -
Description & Link Preview
Windows Media 9
Shift+left click to Save. Streaming may result in dropped frames

The Best of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century Volume 3. This entire entry is devoted to the episode "Space Vampire". Features: Erin Gray in her peach uniform. A nice diversion with the midriff and wide belt. In this episode, Wilma is haunted by a 'Space Vampire'.

6m54s 640x480 82MB

Windows Media 9
Right+click & Save Target as for best results.

Clips from Episodes: Unchained Woman & Planet of the Amazon Women
Features: Erin Gray, a clip of Jamie Lee Curtis in a cotton unitard, and more!

6m22s 640x480 49.7MB

Windows Media 9
Right+click & Save Target as for best results.

Clips from Episodes: Vegas in Space (5), Plot to Kill a City part 1 & 2 (6,7)
Features: Erin Gray in her shiny blue uniform and Markie Post in her sexy shiny red catsuit

11m52s 640x480 91.5MB

- Clips from Conventions -
Description & Link Preview
Bayonetta at E3 2009
Windows Media 9

Not quite spandex per say, but still tight and shiny, here we have some clips from the G4 Special "Confessions of a Booth Babe". This clip is extended with random clips of Penny Drake as Bayonetta from E3 2009. (Editors Note: Bayonetta is a awesome game, buy it if you have a 360!)

5m57s 640x480 92MB

DivX 5
no sound

Clips and stills of a Taki costumer at the world cosplay summit in 2005. Sadly its extremely low quality video, even with being enhanced as much as possible. If anyone has a DVD of this and are willing to share, do email me.

0m53s Poor quality 6.7MB

Auska Singing
Windows Media 9

A costumer as Auska from Neon Genesis Evangelion performs on stage. Very low quality video, comparable to youtube. (sorry)

1m37s Low quality 320x240 8.7MB


Fully body shot of a Morrigan Cosplayer.

0m12s 2.2MB


Windows Media

Taken at E3, professional models costuming as the X-Men Storm & Psylocke. No full body shots, but still shiny :) 480x360 resolution too.

0m51s 5.3MB


Taken from a photo shoot with Eidos's Lara Croft (not to be confused with the movie Lara Croft). Wonder why Angelina Jolie never wore this for the movie :)

0m27s 4.0MB

- Clips From Various TV & Movies -
Description & Link Preview
Glee - Dynamic Duos
H.264 MPEG4

Before Melissa Benoist got her role as Supergirl she was on Glee as part of a Dynamic Duo.

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

Length: 3m23s Resolution: 720p Size: 148MB

Friends - The one with the Halloween Party
H.264 MPEG4

Clips from the Friends Halloween episode featuring Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow as Catwoman and Supergirl. (Now if full HD!)

[we are aware of the audio sync issue, a new version will up uploaded soon(ish)]

Length: 5m21s Resolution: 1080p Size: 311MB

Brie Larson
H.264 MPEG4

Clips from The United States of Tara, featuring Brie Larson as Vahala Hawkwind. She has some metallic short shorts, and her character Kate also wears some gold leggings.

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

Length: 2m37s Resolution: 720p Size: 198MB

Cobie Smulders
H.264 MPEG4

Clips from season 9, episode 7. Cobie Smulders appears in a full body unitard complete with an open face hood.

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

Length: 2m37s Resolution: 720p Size: 116MB

Power Girl Ep #40
Windows Media 9

The Continuing Adventures of Power Girl Episode: 40 - Power Girl is pretty sure she can grow her hair out. Sadly, this is NOT a series but just a skit on Attack of the Show, but damn, Carrie Keagan is the best Power Girl period.

2m49s 852x480 56MB

Melina as Spider Woman
Windows Media 9

The Halloween episode of WWE Smackdown, Melina puts on Spider Woman's costume for a match. Editor's Note: Melina looks EXACTLY the part and does an awesome job. Marvel, she should be considered for a part in any possible movie.

7m00s 852x480 139MB

Windows Media 9

From the episode "Hero II: Broken Arrow". In this episode the experimental supersuit bonds with Kate and grants her super powers.

10m15s 852x480 184MB

Windows Media 9

Barbra Mori from the show "Rubi". In this clip she wears a catwoman costume to a costume party. (no sound)

2m01s 640x480 27MB

TV Land Awards 2009
Windows Media 9

Clips from the TV Land Awards 2009. Includes a Cindi Lauper musical number to ElectraWoman & DynaGirl, complete with matching backup dancers.

1m51s 640x480 27MB

AOTS: Bond Girl
Windows Media 9

Olivia Munn trys out for Quantum of Solace on this "Attack of the Show" clip.

2m30s 640x480 31MB

Blonde Tornado
Windows Media 9

Clip from "Dharma & Greg" Dharma (Jenna Elfman) becomes the Blonde Tornado.

4m21s Good 512x384 27MB

Lois & Clark - Sweet Tart
Windows Media 9

Recorded from the episode of Lois and Clark titled "The Dad Who Came In From the Cold". Clips feature the character Sweet Tart in her sexy black catsuit. (note, has some interlace artifacs)

2m52s 512x384 43MB

Windows Media 9
Shift+left click to Save. Streaming may result in dropped frames

Clip from "Attack of the Show" - Olivia Munn suits up as the Baroness from G.I. Joe in this bit.

2m52s 640x480 22MB

Windows Media 9
Shift+left click to Save. Streaming may result in dropped frames

Commercial for G4, features a cross comparison of G4 to a videogame babe. Very "Tron" like.

0m36s 512x288 7MB

Windows Media

"Digitally Remasterd" another classic clip gets digital enhancement for better quality. Mrs. Clark knows superheroine's look best in something tight and shiny. Clip from the episode "Ultra Woman"

8m41s 640x480 53.1MB


From an episode of Mad TV, a Cats skit.

2m38s 30.0MB

Xvid Codec (3 clips)

The best clips from the movie "The Chosen One" starring Carmen Elektra. Very tight, very sexy, very short.

0m33s 0m25s 0m27s 10.9MB

Windows Media

From the episode of Cybill titled "Where's Zoey". Clips of Invincigirl and Galaxygirl on the set of their show. Numerous good shots :)

3m26s 25.3MB

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