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Description & Link Preview
Attack of the Show - Candice Bailey on Trapeze
H.264 MPEG4

From the G4 program, Attack of the Show, Candice Bailey tries her hand at being a trapeze artist. She dawns a metallic micro dot gold unitard to complete the look.

Length: 2m38s Resolution: 1080p Size: 152MB

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

- Figure Skating -
Description & Link Preview
Yvonne Schroder & Paul
Windows Media 9
Shift+left click to Save. Streaming may result in dropped frames

Yvonne Schroder and Paul in a figure skating number. Yvonne is seen in a metallic catsuit with a wide corset-esq belt. So shiny, so sexy. Ending enhanced with slow motion cuts and zoom.

Length: 5m43s Resolution: DVD Size: 65MB



The end of one of Nancy Kerrigan's skating performances.

Length 0m26s Resolution: Low Size:4.0MB


Katharina Witt
Windows Media 9
Shift+left click to Save. Streaming may result in dropped frames

Katharina Witt in a figure skating number. In which she is seen in a full jet black shiny catsuit. If all figure skating hotties did like they do in other countries here, it would be must see TV. Ending enhanced with slow motion cuts and zoom.

Length: 2m29s Resolution: DVD Size: 27MB


- Concert Clips -
Description & Link Preview
MTV VMA 2016 - Ariana & Nicki Minaj
H.264 MPEG4

"Side to Side" performed live at the MTV VMA's. The curvacious Nicki Manj is seen in a stretch PVC leotard over ultra shimmery dance tights. There are also a few bits of backup dancers in leotards.

Length: 4m55s Resolution: 720p Size: 287MB

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

Beyonce - 2014 MTV VMAs
H.264 MPEG4

Clips from Beyonce's concert at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Length: 6m13s Resolution: 720p Size: 344MB

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

Kesha on iHeartRadio 2014
H.264 MPEG4

Kesha performs on the iHeartRadio concert in her faux stretch leather leotard. Features a few clips of slow motion cuts and zoom at the end.

Length: 6m13s Resolution: 720p File Size: 277MB

[edited by TPOWIS.NET]

Kesha on SNL - Tik Tok
H.264 MPEG4 720p

Ke$ha performs "Tik Tok" on Saturday Night Live as a superhero with a metallic silver unitard complete with a cape. She is backed up by some ladies in spandex space suits.

Length: 2m52s Resolution: 720p File Size: 129MB


Ukrainian - Smooth Criminal
Windows Media 9

Clips from MTV in Russia.

Length: 4m08s Resolution: DVD Size: 46MB


Ukrainian Band
Windows Media 9

Clips from an R&B band in the Ukraine.

Length: 3m22s Resolution: DVD Size:37MB


Beyonce - Today Show (cuts)
Windows Media 9
Beyonce - Today Show (cuts)
Flash Streaming Video

Beyonce Knowles on the Today Show's Thanksgiving day episode 2008. Its cold in Rockefeller Plaza, but Beonce turned on the heat with her classic black catsuit and matching backup dancers. This is simply as good as it gets on mainstream TV. We at TPOWIS.NET applaud Beyonce for her excellent choice in stage attire. Nicely done, very nicely done.

Length: 4m52s Resolution: DVD Size: 71MB


Lee Aaron - Hot To be Rocked

Lee Aaron the "Metal Queen" of the 80's, she was also one of the spandex queens of the 80's. (something about her, you can tell she loved spandex) Her tight little figure was often spotted in her trademark red unitard with a studded belt. This is the live performance of "Hot to be Rocked". The quality of this video isnt very good. If anyone can send in something cleaner... please do :)
Also, there is a complete photo set of her in this
unitard. If anyone has copies of it, please send it in.

Length: 3m22s Resolution: Low Size:533MB


Brittany Spears

Clip from a Brittany Spears Concert. (if you have more information, do send it in)

Length: 0m47s Resolution: DVD Size: 5.4MB


Brittany Spears - Red

Britney Spears's video "Oops I did it again". Features her in a latex red catsuit. MPEG-1 format.

Length: 4m37s Resolution: DVD Size: 40MB


Windows Media 640x480

Clips from Gloria Estefan's Into the Light World Tour. In this number, she is seen in a sparkling blue turtle neck unitard. Very nice.

Length: 1m33s Resolution: low Size:11.0MB


Windows Media 640x480

Clips from Gloria Estefan's Into the Light World Tour. In this number, she seen in a long sleeve multicolored cotton unitard.

Length: 1m31s Resolution: low Size: 11.1MB


- Live Gymnastics -
Description & Link Preview
da-olympics gym1.mpg

Some Gymnastics from the 2000 Olympic games.

Length: 0m51s Resolution: Low Size: 7.2MB


- Circus Performances -
Description & Link Preview
MS-MPEG4 v1 Format

A trapeze artist shows off a few graceful moves in her shiny pink unitard. The clip ends a bit early though.

Length: 1m27s Resolution: Low Size:18.0MB


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