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- Newest Additions -
Description & Link Preview
Stay Tuned - Wrestling Scene

Debbie and Ruth train for their main event.

Length: 4m42s Resolution: 1080p Size: 420MB
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- WWE & TNA Wrestling Clips -
Description & Link Preview
Melina Vs Natalya - Championship Match

A WWE classic Melina match.

Length: 3m37s Resolution: HD 720p Size: 157MB

WWE Tag Match: Eve & Gail vs Aishia & Melina

A WWE Divas Tag Team match. Eve & Gail Vs Aishia & Melina

Length: 3m33s Resolution: HD 720p Size: 155MB


Natalya & Eve Tag Match

Natalya and Eve Vs Laycool

Length: 3m06s Resolution: 1080p Size: 224MB

WWE Melina Vs Natalya

A WWE classic Melina match.

Length: 4m38s Resolution: HD 720p Size: 202MB


WWE Triple Threat Match

A WWE classic Melina match.

Length: 5m27s Resolution: HD 720p Size: 238MB


Windows Media (fixed)

Melina Vs Mickie James, clips from WWE.

Length: 5m53s Resolution: VHS Size: 46MB



Women's championship match on WWF Smackdown.

Length: 2m16s Resolution: VHS Size: 13.0MB


- G.L.O.W. & W.O.W. Clips -
Description & Link Preview
GLOW (2017) - S01E07

Debbie and Ruth train for their main event.

Length: 7m55s Resolution: 1080p Size: 690MB

GLOW (2017) - S01E10

Debbie and Ruth go at it in the season finale of season one!

Length: 8m21s Resolution: 1080p Size: 727MB

GLOW (2017) - S01E01

Debbie confronts Ruth about sleeping with her husband when Sam imagines what GLOW will actually be.

Length: 3m55s Resolution: 1080p Size: 227MB

GLOW (2017) - S01E06

Debbie trys to find her character.

Length: 7m31s Resolution: 1080p Size: 436MB

DivX Format

Jane Blond, WOW's sexy catsuit wearing anti heroine takes on Jungle Girrl in this six minute long fight. 480x360 resolution.

Length: 6m16s Resolution:VHS Size: 40.3MB


fight-jane_intro_2.mpg MPEG1
fight-jane_intro_2.avi DivX
Another version of the super sexy Jane Blond intro. This time no live clips and no cut away as she struts her way to the ring.

Length: 1m05s Resolution: VHS Size: 12.7MB, 11.4MB


Windows Media
Right click "Save Target"

Jane Blond's full intro. No live clips.

Length 1m06s Resolution: VHS Size: 9.1MB


Windows Media
Right click "Save Target"

More WOW, this time we have Riot Vs Caliente!

Length: 5m24s Resolution: VHS Size: 14.5MB


Windows Media Format

Another WOW clip, Sandy takes a beating by Slam Dunk. (In both Windows Media and MPEG formats)

Length: 4m06s Resolution: VHS Size: 15.2MB


- LPWA & Other Leagues -
Description & Link Preview Pic
Windows Media

T.P.O.W.I.S. is proud to present our first contributed (by Vennom) match from the LPWA.  The Mighty Mites(cheryl rusa/sindy paradise) take on LadyX/Candi Devine in this tag team match. Great moves, sweet costumes!

Length: 9m47s Resolution: VHS Size 41.5MB


Roller Jam - Crotch Slam

Crotch slamming scene from Roller Jam If anyone can send in a better quality version of this, let me know. I somehow lost my original (and Im still kicking myself for it)

Length: 1m14s Resolution: VHS Size: 7.1MB


- Fights from Movies & TV -
Description & Link Preview
Smoke - 50 Cent

A female agent in a shiny catsuit takes on a few criminals in this cut from 50 Cent's video "Smoke" The agent is played by Tatted Up Holly. All the best scenes with her, none of the fluff. No audio.

Length: 2m27s Resolution: 1080p Size: 211MB

True Romance - Alabama Vs Virgil

The movie's big fight scene, Patricia Arquette is seen in some nylon pink lepoard print leggings as she takes a serious beating from the character Virgil.
WARNING: Graphic violence, Alabama is quite bloodied up by the end of the fight, but Virgil gets his in the end.

Length: 6m56s Resolution: 800p Size: 402MB

Renegade - "Cage Fight"

The best clips of the main event in this episode of Renegade.

Length: 1m55s Resolution: DVD Size: 31MB

Black Scorpion - "No Sweat"

Black Scorpion takes on a cybernetically enhanced aerobics instructor that is hell bent on punishing men.

Length: 9m18s Resolution: DVD Size: 212MB


Cynthia Rothrock beats on some bad guys in her black disco jeans. This clip has all the best bits.

Length: 6m03s Resolution: 640x360Size: 125MB

Lady Dragon 2

Cynthia Rothrock takes on an asian kickboxer who appears in a red biketard.

Length: 2m43s Resolution: 640x480 Size: 57MB


No Retreat No Surrender 2

Cynthia Rothrock has a quick match with a generic kickboxer. This time she is seen in some smooth shiny leggings.

Length: 2m39s Resolution: 640x480 Size: 55MB


Windows Media

Two fights from the movie "Knockouts!". The first is a boxing match

Length: 6m09s Resolution: VHS Size: 26.2MB



JClip from the movie "To Spy With Love" a solid fight scene between a woman in a sexy black leotard fights another in a red dress. Quick but ends with a nice low blow...

Length: 0m06s Resolution: VHS Size: 1.0MB



Scene from the movie "Simillia's Sense of Snow" Though the scene is dark, the black cotton leotard still accents her curves in this rather painful clip.

Length: 0m26s Resolution: VHS Size: 4.3MB


Windows Media

Clip from an episode of Smallville. Lois is seen in a red snug fitting PVC catsuit.

Length: 4m01s Resolution: 720p Size: 46MB


movie-ballistic.wmv - Remastered Edition Incoming!
Windows Media

The main fight from the movie "Ballistic". Marjean Holden (black cotton long sleeve catsuit) takes on 6 time Ms Olympia Cory Everson (red nylon thong leotard and leggings). Ends in sorta an upset, but some decent shots.

4m01s Good 18.0MB



From the movie "Heroic Trio". It features an awesome fight with Michelle Yeoh in a skin tight latex suit with a complimenting thong brief and over coat. Very sexy, very fast. Nice weapon :)

Length: 0m23s Resolution: VHS Size: 6.7MB


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